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Virtual University of Pakistan Solved Papers All Subjects

The Virtual University of Pakistan is an online educational institution offering various undergraduate and graduate programs. It was established in 2002 with the aim of using modern information and communication technologies to provide accessible and affordable education to students across Pakistan. This University is the  first University based completely on modern Information and Communication Technologies was established by the Government as a public sector, not-for-profit institution with a clear mission to provide extremely affordable world-class education to students all over the country. Using free-to-air satellite television broadcasts and the Internet, the Virtual University allows students to follow its rigorous programs regardless of their physical locations. It thus aims at alleviating the lack of capacity in the existing universities while simultaneously tackling the acute shortage of qualified professors in the country. By identifying the top Professors of the country, regardless of their institutional affiliations, and requesting them to develop and deliver hand-crafted courses, the Virtual University aims at providing the very best courses to not only its own students but also to students of all other universities in the country. At this site, You Can download Virtual University Solved Papers with Reference by Virtual University Students.




Download Virtual University Solved Paper All Subjects here, Solving previous years’ papers gives you an idea about the pattern of the paper and the pattern of questions asked. Solving papers will help you know your weak areas and you can practice those Subjects before Exams. Past papers boost your confidence and you can also get an idea about your preparation. Here you can Download Virtual University of Pakistan All Subjects Handouts, Quiz’s GDB, Assignments Midterm Papers, and Final Term Papers with Reference. These are very helpful for the preparation for Midterm and Final term Exams. You can easily download Virtual University Papers for all subjects from these links:-

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